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Learn if we’re a good fit to work together. See exactly how our process is different, and how we can charge less than 1/2 the typical broker. 

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Services and Pricing

  • As coaches, we DON’T charge a percentage of the deal price. We big fans of knowing how much you’re going to pay BEFORE going into an engagement.
  • The maximum you’ll pay is a capped flat rate with an hourly rate up to that amount.
Our clients tend to need help with:


Valuing the Practice


Finding a Buyer


Negotiating and closing the deal
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Choose 1 or all 3 ala carte options:

Valuing the Practice

  • Create a 35-40 page buyer-facing document to show the practice in it’s best light including photos, demographics, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for a buyer. Show a valuation and show
  • Full valuation for the practice using multiple valuation methods.
  • Cash flow projections for a buyer to highlight how much annual income a buyer will make buying your practice.
  • Roughly 2 weeks to complete

Payment Structure
  • Payment of 1/2 upfront, 1/2 upon completion

Payment Amount
  • $5,000 Total

Finding a buyer

  • Posting the practice online in best places to find buyers

  • Filtering buyers & sending applicable NDAs

  • First-line of defense on phone calls with buyers. Answering buyer process questions. Schedule in-person visits.

  • Ensuring confidentiality
  • 6 Month Exclusive Contract

Payment Structure
  • Billed upon receipt of LOI or termination of contract

Payment Amount
  • $200/hr capped at $15,000

Negotiating and Closing the Deal

  • Creation of and negotiations around the official offer and letter of intent

  • Hand holding buyer through due diligence

  • Protection for pitfalls, mistakes legal issues

  • Ensuring tax savings and education to all parties, including seller’s CPA/lawyer
  • Bringing right experts to the table at the right time – lawyers, bankers, insurance specialists, equipment reps, etc
  • Coaching staff and seller through transition, including timing and messaging
  • Typically about 60 days, but as long as it needed.

Payment Structure
  • Billed at closing

Payment Amount
  • $200/hr capped at $15,000

Who We Work With

We’re able to charge far less than the going rate for brokerage/coaching services because we’re selective about whom we work with. Do you fit our client criteria?

  • We work anywhere in the USA – all 50 states.
  • We only work with sellers who meet the following criteria:
    • Selling a single location
    • Collect $750,000+ per year
    • Are selling 100% or 50% of their business (to a future partner)
    • Will work with a dental-specific attorney

Who We DON’T Work With

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone. We’ve found we can offer the best service and pricing for clients who fit our business model. Those who don’t fit our business model well include:

  • Practices collecting less than $750,000 per year
  • Multi-location sales
  • Jerks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just hire you for one or two of the phases?

A: Absolutely. Hire us only for what you need.

Q: What if hire you for only one or two services, but then need more or less later?

A: You’ll only pay for the services you use. If you don’t use a service, you won’t pay for it. If you need more help than you originally thought, you can add it on later.

Q: I really want to hire you, but my practice doesn’t collect your minimum $750,000. Will you still take me as a client?

A: No. We know several great brokers that would be a better fit to help you sell your practice and we’ll be happy to get you to the best person in your area.

Q: Do you only work with GPs? I’m a Specialist – can you help me?

A: Absolutely. We’ve helped all different types of specialists sell their practices and would be honored to help.

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